A Technician's Knowledge Is The Most Important Tool In The Bag.

You're a problem solver, a troubleshooter, and a trusted advisor for your customers. You take pride in providing your customers with solutions to their problems. Now it's time to deliver.


Our online training platform offers students the flexibility to learn while they continue to work. We also offer in-person training at your location for your convenience 


Take only the courses that are appropriate for you. Whether you are a brand new technician or a sales professional we have courses and tracks specifically for you. 


Our courses are thoroughly researched, and our instructors are industry-leading experts with decades of hands-on experience in the physical security field. 

We Can Do Better!

Legacy training has been either manufacturer taught, or peer taught each of which has its own limitations. Our students walk away with safer practices, better industry knowledge, and improved overall technical skills. 

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Online or In-Person

We understand your challenges with employee shortages, budget considerations, and increased project load. Your employees can take learn from anywhere at any time with our online courses.

Need to get everyone up to speed? We offer multi-user discounts and in-person training to fit your budget and schedule! 

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We are working hard to crank out value-packed courses specific to dealers and integrators. Sign up to learn when new courses are launched and we'll give you 10% off our current courses while you wait! 




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