PR: Group337 and Momentum Security Training Partner to Bring Next Level Training and Certification to the Physical Security Industry

news press release Aug 24, 2021

Bethesda, Md., August 19, 2021 Group337, a team of experts focused on activating the companies, brands, and people in the security industry through insights, intuition, and ideas, today announced their partnership with Momentum Security Training, an online, context-based education platform serving the physical security industry and its users. Members of Group337’s industry community group, The Inside Community, will receive discounts and exclusive offers through the collaboration.

A division of MxV Consulting, LLC, Momentum Security Training offers flexible and modular physical security training focused on new technologies and best practices for integrators, manufacturers, and end-users. Courses are led by seasoned security experts who have been hands-on in the field for decades. The real-world knowledge students receive allows them to walk away with safer practices, better industry knowledge, and overall technical skills. 

"Group337 is excited to collaborate with Momentum Security Training to bring education and certifications to our community," said Lee Odess, Founder and CEO of Group337. “We recognize the value training and certification brings to not only young professionals in our industry but anyone looking to expand their knowledge and expertise.”

“Partnering with Group337 was an easy decision, they are equally passionate about education in the security industry as we are. They have done a fantastic job with providing industry research and building a community,” added Principal and CEO of MxV Consulting, Chris Wilson. “We are looking forward to working with Group337, and the community, to move the security industry forward by bringing value-added education to security professionals.”

To learn more about this exclusive partnership, join The Inside Community and visit Momentum Security Training.


About Group337
Group337 is a team of experts focused on activating the security industry's companies, brands, and people through insights, intuition, and ideas. Founded in 2020 in Bethesda, MD by Lee Odess, Group337, along with The Inside and Security Industry Metrics, provides companies and the community with the tools they need to navigate digital transformation and accelerate their growth. Group337 is the growth platform for the security industry.

About MxV Consulting, LLC
MxV Consulting, LLC is a consulting company that offers online training and project/technology consulting for the physical security industry. 

Momentum Security Training is a division of MxV Consulting, LLC and is an online, context-based education platform serving the Physical Security Industry and its users. Our mission is to disrupt the status quo in the security industry by offering manufacturer agnostic training to dealer/integrators, end-users, manufacturers, and investors in the space. We empower our students with an education that tells them why and not just how something works. Flexible, modular learning to fill the gaps or train from the bottom up with instructors with decades of experience in the industry.

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