MxV Consulting, LLC Announces the Launch of Momentum Security Training

news press release Jul 27, 2021

Upper Sandusky, OH – July 26th, 2021 - MxV Consulting, LLC is excited to announce the launch of Momentum Security Training; an online, context-based education platform serving the Physical Security Industry and its users.


Momentum Security training is providing a solution to technician shortages and lack of training options in the physical security industry and is disrupting the status quo by providing context-based education that empowers its students to deliver high-quality solutions.


Legacy training has been either manufacturer taught or peer taught, each of which has limitations. In the past, security training consisted of teaching someone how to do something, Momentum Security Training empowers students to learn WHY the technology works. So no matter the situation or product, there is a deeper understanding of the technology and the theory behind it.


With classes like Introduction to the Security Industry, Momentum Security Training is targeting new employees in manufacturing, investors, and end-users. Basic and fundamental courses are targeted at security dealers and integrators who want the competitive advantage of fully educated technicians to bring jobs in on time and on budget. These courses cover best practices, safety, and a deep dive into the fundamentals of physical security. New courses are constantly rolling out to cover topics such as video surveillance, installation, selling security, and intermediate and advanced technical topics.


Momentum Security Training is manufacturer-agnostic which allows for a wide variety of products and solutions to be taught while maintaining the integrity of its courses. Courses are packed with value-added knowledge from instructors with decades of first-hand experience in the field. Students are challenged after courses with assessments before a certificate can be received. 


With a platform that is flexible enough to learn from anywhere at any time and a modular, take only what you need structure; Momentum Security Training is offering a level of education never before seen in the security industry. With new courses launching regularly, we invite you to check out our website at

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